Welcome to TACT | TITLE TREE, the biggest revolution in running title. With so many options out there for organizing title, now comes the technology you need to start standardizing the way your company runs it. TITLE TREE takes all the benefits of the TACT abstracting software a step further by adding the ability to easily construct a visual chain of title that can be shared, modified, and updated.


Instantly Generate Reports

Our new reporting feature allows you to save time and money by utilizing information from TACT and Title Tree to instantly create a fully interactive report in seconds vs. hours or days with traditional methods of constructing reports. Here are some of the features of the reporting function that will help you be more efficient:

“Using TACT and TitleTree has helped tremendously.  I am no longer dependent upon having a “box of docs” , pdfs back and forth and lengthy e-mails and phone calls.   With TACT and TitleTree, since they are cloud-based, both the client and I are able to freely review the documents, chain-of-title and ownership trees together.”

-Ron Gill
Independent Landman, 30+ years experience

“Incorporating TACT | TITLE into our land business has allowed for the improvement upon our document organization and has aided in streamlining our land processes.  The ability to perform a search within our entire document library and locate a document and the associated data that I am in need of in a matter of seconds is a tremendous feature. The library is fully searchable and the common document recognition feature is a great time and money saver.  TACT | TITLE TREE has become a standard tool that is utilized within our small land team.”

– David Thornquist, Massif Oil & Gas

Title Tree is the smartest way to run title, here’s why:


Create a company standard for running title

Streamline your company’s method for running title and increase efficiency. All title chains are saved electronically so you will have an organized record of every title tree in one central location.


Cut proofing time in half

Make life easier. With Title Tree, all pertinent documents are exactly where you need them to be. There’s no flipping back and forth between documents to find what you need. Proofing tasks that used to take days now take a few hours.


No more hand written title or confusing spreadsheets

Say goodbye to the days of illegible pen and paper title work or complex spreadsheets. Title tree brings running title into the future by combining state of the art technology with industry practices.


A collaborative environment with real time review

Title Tree easily creates a collaborative environment where you can review title simultaneously. Save time and easily resolve complicated title issues together. There are no documents and discussion materials to gather, everything you need is organized within the title chain.


Cloud based

Title Tree uses cloud based technology which means you can access your documents, 24/7. This allows your company to work smarter from anywhere. There is no software to download or updates to keep up with. Everything you need is in the cloud!


Superior document organization

Title Tree allows for complete document organization. All of your documents are easily accessible and you can quickly search through thousands of documents in seconds.


One time data entry

Enter document information once and it easily carries through the rest of the title chain. Time spent on data entry decreases significantly so you can spend it where it matters.


Intuitive Interface

The intuitive interface and drag-n-drop features allows the user to quickly navigate through visual title chain creation.


As a teaching tool

The visual representation or title tree can be used as a valuable tool to train.


Manage more people, in less time

Because of Title Tree’s cloud based technology platform, you’re able to oversee multiple projects at the same time. With full edit and read only privileges, you control your team’s individual responsibilities.


Client/attorney privilege

The TACT | Title Tree login process was specifically designed to prevent TCO or any other third party from accessing your identity or information entered into the TACT database. You control who can access or alter your data. All information is backed up on and protected by an independent service with highly secure information protocol.

Major attributes of Title Tree

Drag and drop

Title Tree’s easy to learn interface allows you to effortlessly drag and drop documents from the Staging Side Bar and rearrange chains with one fluid movement.

Everything in one place

All document information including grantor/grantee, filing date, legal description, and a copy of the document itself are in one spot. No more searching through emails to find what you need.

Collaborative notes

Efficiently communicate title issues or comments with other users via the in document notes feature.

I’m interested in learning more or scheduling a demo

“Slawson Exploration Company, Inc. has used the Tact abstracting system on numerous occasions and to great satisfaction.  The ability to store voluminous amounts of documents i.e. an abstract without transferring hard copies to various offices and or third party attorneys is more than helpful.  It allows flexibility of work space, shared documents and simultaneous review, not to mention the reduction in physical storage space.  It is highly recommended.”

– Paul Morris, Slawson Exploration 

“I have used TACT on some pretty extensive projects, and I really like the organization and time saving features that are built into the system.  It is easy to use, the more data and documents that you feed it, the more powerful it becomes.  If a document already resides in your library and it is needed for another project, it can be retrieved it in a matter of seconds and some of the pertinent information that was previously pulled from the document will auto populate for you.  TACT | TITLE TREE is a great tool for managing your land projects, land teams,  and time.”

Sheila Frazier, Crestone Peak Resources

TACT will make your business better, here’s why:


A complete abstract, every time

Our finely tuned abstract protocol has been shaped by our 50 years of field experience and we’ve got it down to a science. We customize your abstract based on your specifications. With thousands of abstracts under our belt, we deliver a superior product at a competitive price.


Work smarter anytime, anywhere

Easily view your abstract and documents 24/7 with cloud based technology. There’s no software to download or updates to keep up with. Everything you need is in the cloud!


Never pull a document twice

Save time and money with the common document feature. If the document was used in a prior abstract, TACT will auto-populate information cutting down on not only the cost of pulling that document again, but also the cost associated with entering the information.


Complete document organization

No more banker’s boxes full of documents. TACT efficiently organizes all your documents in one place and allows you to quickly search the database in seconds. Future projects build on existing document libraries so your common documents are constantly expanding.


Manage more employees, easier

For over seven years, TACT has been an integral part of our client’s business operations. The time and cost saving benefits have proven to be invaluable to their bottom line.


Proven and Trusted Technology

With a pay per document model, you have the option to enter your data yourself. We also offer a premium service where our expert data specialties can enter your documents and deliver a completely finished title product.


As a service or on an individual licensing basis

Putting your title into TACT | Title Tree from the start is like building your own room from day one. Easy to follow visual title chains tighten closing dates. Problem transactions can be instantly flagged by color until cured. All of the will drastically cut down on the amount of time a potential buy her has to spend in the courthouse running out high graded interests.

I’m interested in learning more or scheduling a demo


We have taken the time to investigate our competitors and have created cloud software that surpasses the functionality and efficiency of their products. Please review the charts to see how TACT & TITLE TREE out shine other products.


Title Tree





Attach Documents YES YES NO NO YES
Ability to Flag Automatic Entries YES YES NO NO YES
Specific to running title YES NO NO NO NO
Specific Chain of Title Features YES YES NO NO YES
Ability to Revisit Title Chain with Absolute Clarity YES NO NO NO NO
Oil and Gas Industry specific YES YES NO NO YES
Only enter data once YES NO NO NO NO
Creates a visual chain of title YES NO YES YES NO
Formula to derive Mineral Interest YES YES NO NO YES



Traditional Abstracts

Complete electronic list of grantor/grantee, filing date and legal descriptions YES YES
Electronic format available YES YES
Common document feature automatically fills information YES NO
Continually expanding document library- never pay for a document twice YES NO
Secure database that is automatically backed up on the cloud YES NO
Superior search functionality YES NO
One central access point for all data, including maps and plats, indexes, tax records, liens and judgements searches, and state, BLM, or BIA files associated with a spacing unit YES NO

About the Creators of TACT and TITLE TREE:

Transcontinent Oil Company has been a pioneer in the oil and gas industry for over 50 years. As a trusted and knowledgeable land services company, TCO has gained valuable experience that has been an integral part in the creation of TACT and Title Tree. The idea for these programs stemmed from the company’s need for a more efficient way to compile abstracts and organize documents. Realizing there was nothing satisfactory in the marketplace, TCO decided to create it themselves. What started as a conceptual idea has grown into a powerful program that increases efficiency and saves valuable resources. Title Tree is the newest addition to the TACT family and is a revolution in running title. Contact us today to learn more about how this dynamic software can elevate your business.

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